Tuesday, 5 November 2013

trustworthiness .. they lost it .. in their eagerness to impose a fine, a penalty ..their money greed overwhelms them..

trustworthiness .. they lost it .. in their eagerness to impose a fine, a penalty  .. their money greed overwhelms them..

the structure of the laws .. unashamedly used ..and abused ..to serve the lowest of all human activities .. the money making exercise ..

they lost the plot .. whoever is involved .. police .. magistrates .. judges .. it was inevitable .. predicted ..

.. police roaming the streets .. with sole concern .. the fines to impose .. to obtain maximal levels .. to fulfil their goals .. their maximum quotas .. justice becomes the ruse they drag about ..

you cannot serve the causes of justice ..and the gods of money-making .. at the same time .. sooner or later .. the eroding influence that money greed presents .. would have eaten away the frail construct they pass as justice ..

the collection of fines .. the procedures described by, the fortitude heavy devastating words afford ..build like fortresses ..aligned along  ..strict, one-way  words ..designed for maximum effect ..to impose a sentiment of fear .. treating as slaves the people that ought to succumb to their might .. to make sure that whoever reads the communication would be overwhelmed and pay the fines overlooking aspects that justice ideals require ..

building traps ..to snare people in.. frightened, panicking mice out of people .. their sole intention ..

as the money collecting is the only thing they care about .. the whole justice procedures .. are all about money they ..should extort out of people ..

they are kept wholly responsible for the mess societies are in ..as they have created it ..in the first place ..

every pillar ..every column .. institutions and specific individuals involved .. the roles they play .. rotten to the core .. permeated and impregnated with money-greed ..

..that upon which the whole system is founded on ..

they are spreading their filth .. spilling it in every corner ..every nook and cranny .. of the complexity of structures that people live their lives in .. poisoning their relationships .. and not the relationships to the authorities  .. as that do not matter ..
but more devastatingly .. and that matters more .. between themselves

it is what they wished for .. their ultimate goal .. to spread disillusion among the ‘crowds’ .. to lengthen their reign .. to strengthen the reins .. unobstructingly ..

it shatters the whole system .. undermines it .. their ‘flag’ is shagging .. the ‘flag’ that so vehemently shove into people’s minds .. law and order .. is tattered .. muddled with considerations of acts of prosecution imposed ..brought upon people ..solely for reasons of making more money .. to impose more and more fines .. they abuse the laws .. laws that lose their meaning .. their effectiveness .. their worthiness .. deteriorate ..further and further gets into territories of plain disrepute .. and whatever remnants of ..good will is(was) still there ..is(was) destroyed ..

to ..prolong a zombied existence ..

A superposition out of the states of minds in people

to insert ..into the superposition of states .. a superposition represented by the states of mind .. of people ..all people .. all states possible and potential.. a thought to find its way.. and the disolve into the existing superposition .. among other thoughts .. all belonging in the overwhelming current .. that underlies humanity .. pulled and pushed forward .. into the open .. for all to see..
.. to people’s minds .. and effect actions .. and collapse into the particular state .. increase the probability ratio .. of the state ..

a state ..that the whole desires .. fits into .. one that represents the true being of the whole .. of humanity proper ..
chaos processes would undergo .. that would raise the representative state into the surface ..out of its hidden depths and into the limelight .. for everyone to see ..

.. what is overt and current to sink into the gutters and oblivion

..as it should be .. as it is destined to..

.. as being non-representative of people .. the way society works ..


Thursday, 31 October 2013

zombies ..legions of the undead .. roam the towns and cities … the zombie systems ..

they do not die ..

despite having repeatedly being wounded ..blows .. that would have killed a living soul ..

a ferocious tenacity ..

rendered.. in all sorts of manners .. inflicted at whatever level ..

the uproar of the people against their overseers .. can barely be hidden .. evident and overt ..

out of their minds and into prose .. and into acts ..that cannot be contained ..

one would expect .. that this ought to have brought results .. bear fruits .. that they should have been dead .. by now ..

but out of an uncanny .. unpredictable way .. despite the myriad blows .. they suffered .. they yet .. roam the streets of towns and cities .. unscathed .. seemingly ..

as the blows ..have killed them .. what they are dragging about .. is ..their corpses ..

their rituals, what survive them  .. the ..instigated product to instil fear into the hearts of the men-beasts,  to adore  their might ..

turned into the caricatures of today .. out of the overwhelming, all-encompassing, unquestionable prevail of the humanity of the individuals..

a mere remnant ..a saddened reminder of their glorious past .. when they ruled the worlds of ..men-beasts ..

mindless .. sheriffs  magistrates judges policemen politicians .. bankers .. all the columns that support and sustain the zombie system


sterile .. life-sapping combinations of words .. devour everything that is human ..

the flesh .. these zombies crave for ..

values .. family .. friendships .. beliefs .. what hold people together .. what makes them huddle up .. and find comfort..

the warmth they receive from one another .. preyed relentlessly by the justices ..

shattering lives ..at whim .. wreaking havoc upon people ..

breaths  ..drawing their last of them .. the last zombie will get extinguished.. and humans would prevail .. once and for all ..

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

More police interference? ..and why is that good?

BBC: Motorway middle-lane hoggers to face on-the-spot fines

..filed by BBC under the heading ..business. Business? Why? ah ..yes, certainly, money-making machine, collecting fines.. what else can it be ..but business.

Checklists for drivers to tick, to make out whether they are up to the standard the state-police requires them to be, all-the-while trying to get to their destination safely. and on top of it, at the same time being in the look-out for traffic police, disengaging their attention from the traffic around them. distracting them from their driving, adding to the reasons, why they won't get home in one piece.

The ubiquitus observer that creates behaviour, the behaviour that the state regards appropriate. police dispensing justice on the spot, the judge Dredds finally have arrived, police in a role of umpires, the final judges while the game is on, the driving is on.

The state knows better than you.

..they know every little thing you might come up against, driving or not, and they have a solution. Do not trust yourself, trust the endless guidelines that pass as laws, state-police have ever ..ready-made for you.

Complexity ..hooh ..is a plaything in the hands of the state,

.. there is not amount of complexity that state-police can not handle.

..   is that the way to make the roads safer.

turning drivers to heart-in-the-mouth rabbits, scared ..shirtless as they are driving home, the added obstacle, the one that would spoil your day, is to be stopped by the police ..and have a chat with the friendly policemen.

.. to have to deal with the traffic .. and on top of it to deal with the police,

..as you will be stopped, no one is excluded, you are living in delusion if you think you are not the one they are looking for, that you have not ..sinned

.. it is in the genes of the state to be the eternal nanny, to never trust its citizens, to think so little about its citizens, to continually rob them of their initiative, to turn them into zobbies to roam the cities and their motorways.

..harmless zobbies, as it is their brains that are affected, they want to interfere with, what they miss and there is no blood-thirst, unlike the usual zobbies, as it is sanitised in other ways, so there you have safety.

self-organised traffic versus forcibly-organised traffic

..fines, penalty points soon the state will get rich and the roads will be devoid of drivers. traffic problems solved

what can drivers be blamed for?

disregard for other drivers which become extremely obvious via tailgating. the drivers that they want to push any other drivers aside so they will get to their destination first before others, distracting the drivers pushed out of the way, creating conditions that could endanger safety

..and this primary reason in creating unsafe conditions on the road, that state-police should declare paramount and it should chase drivers doing it, it was hidden amongst middle-lane hoarders and ..and.. other

.. it questions the motives of whoever came up with this idea, to penalise further the drivers, betrays alterior motives, anything other than safe driving in motorways

hogging the middle lanes,

where did you see that or did you see that because it has been repeated so many times, got lodged into the brain and it is the only thing you see ..a form of auto-suggestion, the first to spring into mind. overwhelms the mind and sees nothing else.

and why would that be a problem, for a normal flow of traffic.

congested motorways out of the sheer selfishness system-imposed upon the drivers,

..to drive their cars so close to each other so they can kiss the booty of the car in front and all for to discourage any other driver from overtaking them, their selfish ego would not allow it.

- you dare come in front of me, always in mind

..braking the uninterrupted flow of the traffic, caged in their lanes, bringing traffic to a standstill.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Cameron: Austerity rejected, the message has just arrived. Mocking. A slap in the face.

BBC News - David Cameron promises hard work after election defeats

"My reaction to last week's local election results is straightforward: I get the message, loud and clear

..if anyone gives ..a toss .. whether you received the message .. loud and clear .. or not ..

who are you kidding on .. the message was sent .. delivered ..long time ago .. before these elections

and never .. touched base .. a mock in the face .. to say that the message .. has just arrived ..

hard work .. whose ..hard work .. certainly not yours ..and to what ..avail .. certainly not ..for people ..

the austerity .. your precious banks and stock market .. you and your ..cronies being the originator .. the vicious assault ..on human rights ..

all that has been accrued by people .. painstakingly over the years .. hell-bent to vaporise .. to vanish into thin air ..

for the sake of ..money .. such a hideous and heinous ..commodity .. in your pockets ..

for the sake of your ..toff(s)-y .. to ..forsake ..the bread ..people .. need to sustain them selves ..

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Office of Fair Trading attributed 'customer' base. The numbskulls of people. There is no law that prohibits to exploit the poor in the mind.

BBC News - Debt services such as payday loans 'poorly regulated'

"Yet this industry remains opaque and poorly regulated. The government must take swift and decisive action to prevent firms from abusing the needs of such a vulnerable customer base."

customer base .. the mentality .. vulnerable or not .. the attitude .. of government and its offshoot ..Office of Fair Trading .. people, as .. to speak about citizens it is pure mockery .. seen as customers .. and as customers are subjected wholly to the ruthless insticts pervading the system .. supply and demand utterly exploited .. no cap to interest rates .. the Office of Fair Trading .. deemed uneccessary ..

Payday loan industry 'poorly regulated', say MPs - Yahoo! Finance UK

"Payday loans appeal to those in serious financial need, some of whom will have low levels of financial literacy," said Mr Bailey. "Yet this industry remains opaque and poorly regulated. Despite a Government consultation that ended almost a year ago little has been done to remedy the situation."

regulated only by the voraciousness of the lenders .. the heights that interest rates can reach .. coupled with the extreme vulnerability of the ..'customer' base .. that government austerity programs have brought to bear ..

if only it can be said .. that the Office of Fair Trading acts at least as an innocent bystander .. a benign form of intervention .. but no ..

predators, armed to the teeth .. ads soar in radios and TV .. following the unhinged rule .. the more the advertising spending .. the more you get .. playing havoc with people's minds .. brainwash and at the same time aiming to reach deep into the 'customer' base .. there are still numbskulls .. that need their services .. advertising shrouded with the thin veil of advertising standards .. affords credibility to the advertising messages

there is no law that prohibits .. to exploit the poor in the mind

unleash their menace .. unhindered by .. but not only .. coaxed and encouraged .. in reality, under the blessings of government and Office of Fair Trading ..

lenders the predators .. the one and only attribute .. that defines their very existence ..

and prey, the 'customers', weakened .. as it can ever be ..

the government .. central bank .. only sees fit .. to pour money for the ailing banks .. that are vulnerable .. as they can not meet their targets .. they struggling to afford their plush bonuses to their executives .. whereas pople .. even under this deridding categorisation .. of 'customer' base ..

are excluded to take their share from these swathes of easy money ..

give these .. thickos .. a good .. doing .. that would never forget .. to last them for a lifetime ..